Monday, February 28, 2011

On Location with the Shimmering Stars

I am a huge fan of these guys and after many months of email tag and a major line-up change for the band, the Shimmering Stars and Tasty Ears had arranged to do an On Location video. The band is currently rehearsing in the basement of a funky, old, artists space in East Vancouver and we thought that would work nicely for the shoot. When we arrived, Rory asked us how are day was going and assured us it was "about to get worse!" While artists and friends popped in and out of the space to diminish or replenish the beer supply we got set-up. They wanted to do East Van Girls and Sabians for the cameras and we couldn't have been more excited. Despite there tendency for biting fans they are super nice guys and made us feel very welcome... I can still taste the espresso vodka. Make sure to check them out this Friday March 4th at The Waldorf.

The Shimmering Stars have also just released 2 new songs "Dancing to Music I Hate" and "Walk Away". The as yet unnamed LP will drop sometime this summer on Almost Musique. Have a listen to the new singles here.

Shimmering Stars - Dancing to Music I Hate by deliciouscopitone

Shimmering Stars - Walk Away by deliciouscopitone

Shimmering Stars are also making there way down to SXSW this year to showcase their music. If you're heading that way be sure to check them out. I'll be the one at the back of the room telling everyone"I told you so!"

left to right: Rory McClure, Andrew Dergousoff, and (newest member) Brent Sasaki
I also took advantage of the opportunity with Shimmering Stars to ask them a couple of ( well actually 3) questions. It went like this:

TE: 1) What's with the biting at live shows?

SS: Biting is a display of affection towards audience members. Those standing with their ams crossed looking bored are most likely to be bitten or have their drinks stolen. This helps to get them more involved in the show.

TE: 2) How has the band dynamic changed with the the new line-up? (3 piece vs. 4)

SS:  The new band is definitely different. It's easier to work with fewer people, though there's more space to fill. This line-up is noisier and a little more thrashy than the last line-up, which was more restrained. Also, everyone in this line-up is from Merritt, BC - Country Music Capital of Canada. So we're all on the level.

TE: 3) What other local band would you most like to tour with?

SS: Local bands we'd love to tour with include (impossible to limit to one): Manic Attracts on myspace, Dirty Beaches On myspace, Lost Lovers Brigade myspace, Mode Moderne you get the idea.

Here is the mp3 from the On Location session for your download enjoyment.
Shimmering Stars East Van Girls and Sabians Live from Tasty Ears by Tasty Ears

Thanks for the rad session boys, see you Friday. I'll be the one in the beard drinking the PBR. Go!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy B-Day George Harrison!

So the new Radiohead album King of Limbs is out. I don't know about you, but I'm sick of hearing about it. I like it (dibs), but should you care? Not really, listen to it, form your own opinion or don't, but you can't have my opinion cause it's mine. I called it, fair and square. That being said I'm not yet sick of watching the video so here it is.

Update: Portage and Main finished mastering their debut album last week. Mixed by local Georges Couling of Knuckleduster Music Inc. I got to listen to the album the Sunday night and I love it. Can't wait for the CD release party Friday March 18th at the Anza Club. More info here. It's a little bit rock and roll, it's a little bit folk, it's a little bit country, but most of all it's a whole lot of rad. I hear comparisons to Blitzen Trapper and Dr. Dog to Neil Young and The Band. It's a polished and epic first album from a couple of really great and talented local boys.

Update: Shimmering Stars On Location with Tasty Ears will drop Monday morning so stay tuned for that beauty. More here at Shaine Jones Photography Blog. If you're making your way down to SXSW this year make sure and check them out. They are totally rock and roll live. In fact, if you find that you're headed down to SXSW and have way too much room and money, I will let you sponsor me. That's right, I will tag along and spend your money and all you have to do is contact me.

Update: Rock super group Middle Brother are set to release there debut, for pre-sale go here. Speaking of pre-sale The Black Keys tickets for Deer Lake park June 27 go on sale tomorrow for the general public. Since you are not general but very special there are a few ways to get pre-sale tickets right now. If you have an Amex card Live Nation has a pre-sale for you. If you have an iPhone download the Live Nation App and get pre-sale that way or go to The Peak and sign up for there pre-sale offer. Go!

Update: Antony and the Johnsons announced a new EP. Antony and the Johnsons will release the “Swanlights” EP  digitally and on 10”via Secretly Canadian on April 26. A CD version is forthcoming.  The 10” vinyl will be available on Record Store Day, April 16. The EP includes a remix of the title track by Oneohtrix Point Never as well as two exclusive b-sides. Remember to hit up your local record store April 16 for this and many other special releases.

Music: here are some new tunes for you. TV on the Radio has announced a new album to drop in April here is the first single off that called Will Do.
TV On The Radio - "Will Do" by Interscope Records

Lykke Li is streaming her new album over at Hypemachine. While your there make sure to check out the Tasty Ears Hot 100 tracks of the day. For those of you too lazy to click a link here is a track off Wounded Rhymes titled Get Some and a couple of remixes.
Lykke Li - Get Some by LykkeLi

J Mascis (of Dinosaur Jr. fame) is releasing a solo album with tons of rad guests soon. Here's a taste.
J Mascis - Not Enough by subpop

Upcoming shows:
Feb. 25 The Zolas at Performance Works
Feb. 27 Debra Jean and The Means at Performance Works
Feb. 28 - Wild Nothing at the Biltmore Cabaret
Mar. 5 Cold War Kids at The Vogue
Mar. 11 Diamond Rings at The Biltmore Cabaret
Mar. 16 Miami Device at the BiltmoreMar. 17 Destroyer at the Commodore
Mar. 19 Warpaint at The Biltmore
Mar. 31 The Dodos at The Rickshaw theatre
Apr. 10 The Foals at the Commodore
Apr. 21 The Cave Singers at The Biltmore (moved from the Rickshaw)
Apr. 21 Tame Impala at the Commodore
Apr. 29-30 Fleet Foxes at The Vogue
May 3 Zola Jesus at The Biltmore
May 4 Mother Mother at the VogueMay 8 The Kills at The Commodore
May 17 The Low Anthem at Biltmore Cabaret (check out their new album)
May 11 Peter Bjorn and John at Venue
May 25 Sleigh Bells at The Vogue
May 27 Lykke Li at The Vogue
May 31 Adele at The Commodore
Wild Nothing Feb 28 at Biltmore

Tasty Ears out!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tasty Ears is NOT One of Oprah's Favourite Things!

The above headline is true. That being said, Lululemon is one of Oprah's Favourite Things and (thanks to local artist Zoe Pawlak) a Tasty Ears video is looping in their flagship store on Broadway and Cambie in Vancouver. Here's the video! If you've watched the video you know that the song is Unless it Kicks by Okkervil River. Okkervil River has been slowly leaking songs from their upcoming album (including one on Fallon last week). Below is there newest release called Mermaid, check it. Oh, and... Zoe Pawlak is having an opening tonight for her new show, for more information click here.
Okkervil River - Mermaid by weallwantsome1

EXCLUSIVE! This just in the Arcade Fire has won the Grammy for Album of the Year with The Suburbs. Yep! You heard it here first folks. No, but seriously this is HUGE! An indie band taking an award that typically goes to a Major Label? I think it was Kanye West who tweeted "Does this mean there is hope for music?" Congrats to the Arcade Fire and their label Merge Records, you totally earned it. Arcade Fire are label mates on Merge Records with a band I've been digging lately Wye Oak. Wye Oak has a hotly anticipated new album titled Civilian dropping in a couple of weeks. Check out the title track from the album here.
Wye Oak - Civilian by cityslang

The other Big News that I'm sure we all know but can't go unsaid is that Radiohead "quietly" tweeted on Sunday night "thanks for waiting" and this link to a website where you can pre-order their new album King of Limbs which will be available Saturday! This is the most retweeted tweet I have ever seen (it was well over 4000 retweets... on Monday).

Superstoked to announce that Tasty Ears has finally hooked up with the Shimmering Stars to do another instalment of On Location. The shoot is this weekend so keep it locked for the exclusive video here.

On Monday night Vancouver Is Awesome hosted a Valentine's Day show at Sitka Surfboards called Get Your Heart On. For those of you paying attention, last weeks Tasty Ears On Location video was part of that series. Well, the show had a great turn out and tons of local artists performed. Great show all, check out all the videos that were made to promote this show or download any of the tracks here at VIA.

Tonight at the Rickshaw theatre is Wavves with Best Coast and No Joy. Should be a rad show as all three bands are, well, rad! Here's a new one from Wavves called TV Luv Song
Wavves - TV Luv Song by serpentinepadd

Another upcoming show that will be worth your hard earned $14 is Tune Yards at the Biltmore April 29. Here's a, wait for it, amazeballs new track from Tune Yards titled Bizness.
Tune-Yards - Bizness by The Wounded Jukebox

More must see shows:
This Saturday at Red Room is Rococode and Bend Sinister with The Racoons
Feb. 27 Debra Jean and The Means at Performance Works
Feb. 28 - Wild Nothing at the Biltmore Cabaret
Mar. 5 Cold War Kids at The Vogue
Mar. 11 Diamond Rings at The Biltmore Cabaret
Mar. 17 Destroyer at the Commodore
Mar. 19 Warpaint at The Biltmore
Mar. 31 The Dodos at The Rickshaw theatre
Apr. 30 Fleet Foxes at The Vogue
May 3 Zola Jesus at The Biltmore
May 8 The Kills at The Commodore
May 11 Peter Bjorn and John at Venue
May 25 Sleigh Bells at The Vogue
May 27 Lykke Li at The Vogue
May 31 Adele at The Commodore

Beard Farmer out!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Trails End

Zach Gray (of The Zolas) and Laura Smith (of Rococode) team up for a Valentine's Day duet of Serge Gainsbourg's song Bonnie and Clyde.

Late one rainy night, in an old stable, lit only by the moon, a solitary horse is serenaded with the tale of the famous, outlaw lovers Bonnie and Clyde. At least that's how it went down last Monday night in Vancouver. The song was originally recorded in French, (in 1967 by Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot) the lyrics based on the the poem "The Trails End" by non-other than Bonnie Parker herself. Laura and Zach use the original poem for the lyrics in this version. As we know Bonnie and Clyde loved two things, robbing banks and each other. Their lives ended the only way they could, in a hail of bullets. Romantic no? Well at least that's what Zach and Laura thought as this video was made as a special Valentine's Day duet for  Vancouver Is Awesome

If The Zolas and Rococode merged would they be The Rococolas or The Zolocode? Or wait, maybe ZoRo? Something deep for you to consider till Monday (gentlemen, Monday is Valentine's Day, don't forget). This year may you all find the love that Bonnie and Clyde had but not the bullets.

Monday night at Sitka Surfboards in Vancouver many of the artists participating in the Valentine's duet project will be performing for free, so get there.

Tomorrow night at Massey Theatre The Zolas are performing with Dan Mangan, Hannah Georgas, and Corina Corina for The Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Benefit

February 19 Rococode plays with Bend Sinister at The Red Room

February 25 The Zolas play at Performance Works


For more photos from the shoot check out Shaine Jones Photography

Beardo out!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Top Stories of the Week

RIP The White Stripes! This has to be the story of the week. Late 2010 there were rumours of a new album in 2011 and now... they're just done. Now, much like the Hotel Yorba, I have a "vacancy" inside, where The White Stripes once were. I failed to see them live. Epic fail!

Good news this week, Fleet Foxes released a new single and tour dates. Pre-sale sold out fast and general admission tickets go on sale today. Don't delay. The show is at the Vogue April 30. If you're sitting on the fence just check out their new track Helplessness Blues  

Another big story this week is Exclaim Magazine (online edition) a Canada wide publication, reviews Tasty Ears On Location with the SSRIs.Check it!  Okay, maybe not a big story and I really shouldn't toot my own horn (but toot! toot!).

Feb 01, 2011 marks the kick off of a film collaboration between Efterklang and La Blogotheque's Vincent Moon. There are small screenings happening around the globe over the next couple of months (including an already sold out one here). The film is called An Island and is a documentation of Efterklang's musical exploration of an island off the Danish coast.

Another band with ties to Denmark The Raveonettes are releasing a new album in April titled Raven in the Grave. There have already announced some North American tour dates. In further Raveonettes news The Dum Dum Girls have released a new track this week produced in part by one half of The Raveonettes.

The only album release this week that I will address is Young Galaxy's Shapeshifting. Go! Their dreamy, spacey sound fits nicely under the strong, female vocalist. Another gem of a band hailing from Montreal.

Another band from Montreal you may have heard of is The Arcade Fire. I mentioned Vincent Moon earlier in this post (the mastermind behind La Blogotheque) came out this week and called The Arcade Fire and their management "awful, awful people" Pow! The bands manager wrote a letter back accusing Moon of stealing some of their equipment and having a drug problem. Smash! I'm a huge fan of both artists so I'm not going to get involved except to say "Hey Arcade Fire come do a video with Tasty Ears."

The Dodos are back with a new album No Color (their spelling, not mine) on March 14. The Dodos are in Vancouver on March 31, at the Rickshaw. They recruited Neko Case to help out with her amazeballs vocal stylings. Check out the first single Black Night now.

Local indie band Mother Mother are releasing their new album Eureka! Check out their latest Baby Don't Dance. (relax, just give it a sec. it will play eventually) 

Another local band Said the Whale is touring with Tokyo Police Club and Dinosaur Bones. They play the Commodore April 23. Here's the latest from Dinosaur Bones titled Royalty

Upcoming shows:

Pineapple plays at Interurban Feb 18
The Zolas are at Performance Works Feb 25
Zola Jesus is at the Biltmore May 3
Peter Bjorn and John are at Venue May 11

I'll leave you with the latest from The Kills, here's Satellite

Beardos Go!