Friday, April 29, 2011

Chrissy Murderbot "Bussin' Down"

Chrissy Murderbot was once described to me as a "juke-rave-jungle-disco-dubstep-hi-NRG-gangsta-dancehall-ghetto-garage-core DJ/Producer." Who has "written a new chapter in the pop-narrative of america tying together New Jack Swing, Quebecois Disco, Chicago Juke, Virginia Beach funk, South American Cumbia and UK Hardcore rave techno." I'm not quite sure how to follow that? I guess I would say "the video cracked me up." The full length album Women's Studies drops May 9 from Planet Mu. Chrissy Murderbot will also be performing at this year's Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago. Go! shake your beard to some of those crazy Mr. Bot beats.

Tasty Track: "Banana Ripple" by Junior Boys

Canada's Junior Boys have released the first single off their upcoming album It's All True (out on Domino Records June 14th) titled "Banana Ripple." The nine minute plus track will be available on 12" backed with a remix by The Field available exclusively on Domino Mart beginning May 31st. The Junior Boys have also announced a North American tour (really more of an north east-coast tour) starting June 9th in Toronto. Someone once told me that the only cure for an ice cream headache was to dance fever (or was it the other way around?).
Junior Boys - Banana Ripple by DominoRecordCo

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Cave Singers Live at The Biltmore

Quirk's quirky delivery
Seattle's three piece The Cave Singers played The Biltmore last friday to a packed house. I've seen The Cave Singers on each of their last two tours and they just keep getting better and the crowds keep getting bigger. Each album they have toured shows the kind of growth most bands struggle with. If you missed last weeks show you might have to catch them at an even bigger venue soon. Very soon in fact, The Cave Singers are back this weekend for two shows at the Commodore where they will be opening for their first show with the "so-hot-right-now" Fleet Foxes before continuing on with them for the rest of the tour.

The Cave Singers latest album No Witch is their most rockin' album to date allowing their live show to be even more amped up. It's hard to believe they are a bass-less three piece at times with the size of the sound they can get. Singer Peter Quirk's stage presence is both unique and mesmerizing. Derek Fudesco's lyrical guitar lines offer the perfect counterpoint to Quirk's reedy, scrappy delivery while drummer Marty Lund holds the whole thing down with often sparse yet driving rhythms. Some of the arrangements on their latest album have choirs and string sections adding to their beauty. These same songs performed live weren't noticeably missing a thing. It was PBR fuelled good-times for all.

If you're not lucky enough to have tickets to either of this weekends sold out The Cave Singers/Fleet Foxes shows at the Commodore then pick up No Witch and a bottle of whiskey and see if you're not ripping your shirt off and climbing the furniture like Fudesco on the albums cover.
Lund, Quirk, and Fudesco

Tasty Update: Bobby "Groggy"

Bobby is set to release their self-titled album on June 21st on Partisan Records. Bobby was founded by Tom Greenberg and shares members of Mountain Man, Amelia Randall Meath and Molly Erin Sarle, as well as some of Greenberg's classmates (from Bennington College) Julian Labat, Roby Moulton, and Paolo Menuez and Martin Zimmerman. "Groggy" is the first single off their debut album and is a solid example of their musical density. "Groggy" is built around a polyrhythmic percussive exploration that sits under beautiful vocal lines. The sonic layers, like that of an onion, can be peeled away just to find another equally sweet, make-you-cry-layer below. The song builds to a climax of rich textures before the final, haunting ring of the bell that makes you want to skip your coffee and stay "Groggy".
Groggy by bobbytheband

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wait For It: Hooray for Earth debut album True Loves

Hooray For Earth - True Loves from Dovecote Records on Vimeo.
Hooray for Earth debut album drops June 7th on Dovecote Records. Check out the super-rad video for the first single "True Loves" directed by Young Replicant. Director Alex Takacs explains "The video is an homage to our favorite Russian and eastern-european cult sci-fi. French artist Moebius and early Metal Hurlant were also big visual influences. It's about mindscapes and the memory of true love." So yeah, like I said, "super-rad!" The album was mixed by Chris Coady (Beach House, Delorean, TV On The Radio). The "True Loves" single along with a re-mix by The Hood Internet and 5 other re-mixs is available now on iTunes.

Hooray for Earth will be opening for Architecture in Helsinki on their North American tour. Watch Noel Heroux and company live at Venue in Vancouver on June 5th.  I'll see you there beard-enoughs. Go!

The Sons are replaced by the Fathers in Holy Ghost! video for "Wait and See"

Holy Ghost! - Wait & See from DFA Records on Vimeo.
Coming off a national tour with Cut Copy and having just released a fresh new album, Holy Ghost finally have time to release a video. Or do they? The duo is nowhere to be seen in their latest video for the popular track "Wait and See". Instead their real life fathers sub in and do their best impression of the pair. Perhaps it's the fact that Holy Ghost still live like teenagers that has kept the masses dancing to their tunes into the wee hours. Maybe it's their inherited sense of humour? I guess we'll just have to "Wait and See."

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tasty Update: Cat's Eyes video "Face in the Crowd" and more

Cat's Eyes is Faris Badwan (of the Horrors') with Canadian opera soprano Rachel Zeffira. Their self-titled debut album drops May 3rd on KOOYP/CooperativeMusicUSA/DowntownRecords. A significant departure for both artists Cat's Eyes is heavily influenced by the 60's sounds of The Ronnettes , Phil Spector, and Joe Meek while retaining a modern aesthetic all their own. "Faces in the Crowd" (above) is their trippy, first, official video, released only a couple of weeks ago. Just last week The Guardian invited the Cat's Eyes with a choir to perform a live version of "I'm Not Stupid" (originally recorded with orchestra and piano) in their studios (the exclusive video from The Guardian is posted below). To check out an interview with the band head over to The Guardian.  So far they haven't announced many tour dates so if you get the chance get your beard down to their show and check out something new.

Rival Schools Remixed by Ad-Rock

In early March Rival Schools released Pedals (on Photo Finish/ Atlantic Records) their, ten years in the making, follow up 2001's United by Fate. They may have put it on cruise control for a while there but it's Pedals to the metal now. Recently returned from playing sold-out shows in Europe Rival Schools released two new videos including "Wring It Out". Today they were announced as part of this years Lollapalooza and released a very cool re-mix/re-imaginning of their song "69 Guns" by non-other than the Beastie Boys' Ad-Rock. Rival schools will also be performing at this years Sasquatch Festival in Washington. See you there gents!
RIVAL SCHOOLS - 69 Gunz (Ad Rock Remix) by Photo Finish Records

Friday, April 22, 2011

Tasty Pick: No Surrender "Godda Get It" and more

No Surrender | Godda Get It (produced by Radioclit) from ZerOKilled Music on Vimeo.
Brooklyn's indie hip-hop/soul outfit No Surrender is set to release Medicine Babies on ZerOKilled in June. A staple of New York's underground scene for years No Surrender is Seraphim, Gnomad, and Eddie Steeples (better known as Crabman from My Name is Earl). Medicine Babies features production by Costanza Francavilla and Radioclit (Santigold, M.I.A., the Very Best) as well as featuring several guests including Tunde Adebimpe (TV on the Radio) DJ Monica Sharp, Apollo Heights, and Brando Lupi & Folco Peroni. Medicine Babies will surely raise No Surrender out from the underground into the spotlight. Vice Magazine called their self-released 2003 CD White Power Black Magic "your new favorite shit." eight years later and with a brand new album on the way and that is still incredibly accurate. Get stoked for Medicine Babies now cause No Surrender is fucking amazeballs.
NO SURRENDER - Medicine Babies (out June 2011) by ZerOKilled Music

Strange Talk EP available for pre-order

I've always had a "thing" for Australia. So much so that they had to deport me...twice (I'm legally aloud to return now Mom). Well now I've got one more "thing" for Australia, the band Strange Talk. Sounding  like the best parts of Phoenix, Friendly Fires, and Passion Pit mashed together with some secret Aussie spices, this band is bringing summer early. Watch out for these guys this year (which is actually last year in Australia), you won't regret it. Strange Talk is releasing a self-titled EP on May 2 on Neon Gold. Pre-order will be available very soon from Neon Gold  Check out the first single from Strange Talk "Climbing The Walls" below.
Climbing Walls by Strange Talk

Wait For It: John Maus New Album

We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves is the title of the upcoming release from John Maus (out June 28 on Ribbon Music). Maus will also be co-headlining a summer tour (no Canadian dates yet) with Puro Instinct. The tour does hit Seattle (oh, it's not that far) on June 21 at Chop Suey. If Seattle seems too far to go (it's really time to get that Pardon) then you haven't heard about the legendary live show that's got the blogosphere buzzing about the new album. In the meantime enjoy the above video edited entirely on analog video and vintage equipment.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tasty Track from cirKus "Medicine"

cirKus was founded by Cameron McVey (of Massive Attack/Portishead fame) and DJ Matt Karmill (AKA Matt Kent) before expanding to include McVey's wife, Neneh Cherry and their daughter, Lolita Moon. The four piece are set to release their sophomore album Medicine on May 10 (on Booga Bisquit). Walking a not-so-tight-rope between post-punk, trip-hop, chill-wave, and hazey dream-pop (double score for use of seven hyphens) this family cirKus washes over you like a dizzying sunbeam.  There is a plethora of circus analogizes that could work here but I'll leave that up to you for now it's time to take some "Medicine".
Medicine by Cirkus

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tasty Treat: New Shit Robot Video plus FREE Downloads

Shit Robot - Losing My Patience from DFA Records on Vimeo.
Today Shit Robot premieres the video for "Losing My Patience".  They have also got two free downloads available. The video features an animated (literally) Alexis Taylor (of Hot Chip) plus some pretty trippy effects (maybe that's why they chose to release it on 4/20?).
Shit Robot - I Found Love (Edit)
Shit Robot Tuff Enuff (long version)

The Drums "The New World"

The Drums have released a new track titled "The New World" as a download with all band's proceeds going to Japan disaster relief efforts. The Red Cross will close the account for purchase-with-donations on September 30, 2011.

The Drums had this to say "We are deeply saddened by what has happened, and we are so in awe of the strength and courage shown by the people of Japan. We wrote this song to bring a little more hope. Japan, we have loved you since the very first moment we set foot on your land. Thank you for all your love.” -The Drums

You can purchase the track at or on iTunes (it appears link is not up yet but check back regularly to make a larger donation with your purchase).

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour release EP today

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour released The Golden Age EP today. You may already be familiar with this Danish band by way of iPod commercial or, more recently a Heineken ad. Heineken also made a "the band's long version" of the ad into a music video of sorts. I don't want to advertise for Heineken (I will take some free beer if you're offering) but I am going to post the video anyway. With no North American tour dates as of yet you might have to travel to Denmark to see them but, with sounds like this, Denmark is clearly a happening place to be. Pretty easy on the eyes too.

Tasty Announcement: Cut Copy Remix, More Tour Dates Added

Cut Copy announced some more tour dates today... I guess those of us north of the border will still have to wait a bit longer for this tour. Cut Copy, if you're reading this, Canada cordially invites you to come back and party with us. For a taste of what that party might be like here a YouTube clip from Coachella this weekend. In the meantime check out this remix by Carl Craig of "Need You Now".
Need You Now (Carl Craig Remix) by cutcopymusic

Tasty Update: Digitalism I Love you, Dude

2 Hearts by digitalism_official
Today Digitalism has released the first single off their upcoming album I Love You, Dude (available June 21st via V@/ Cooperative Music/ Downtown) titled "2 Hearts". Download the track via RCRD LBL. If you are a fan of indie rock and love to shake you booty then Digitalism is probably already on your radar. This is their first full-length release (that almost sounds dirty) since 2007's Idealism (which is still worth checking out if you can't wait till June) as is last years Blitz EP (which also garnered "rave" reviews). So crank up "2 Hearts" now and get your groove on with a little taste of summer.

Wait For It: Tom Vek Leisure Seizure

After a mysterious five year hiatus Tom Vek is back. His sophomore album Leisure Seizure drops on June 7th (on Downtown/ Coop USA/ Island Records). Vek's fascination with cable access TV is played up in the video for the first single "A Chore" where Vek plays presenter of a fictional TV show Tom Vek's Island.

Vek has spent the last five years working on the album. In the first three years he "set up" by teaching himself new techniques and procuring new equipment before two years of recording the album. In the end Vek returns with a more elaborate and controlled album in Leisure Seizure. Die hard fans won't be disappointed, with plenty of emphasis on beats and his trademark percussion but Vek is sure to gain many new fans too. Five years is a long time to go "off the grid" in these technologically driven times, but I'm sure that the music will speak for itself leaving his disappearance five years ago forgotten (or at least forgiven).

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tasty Rant: Canadian Election feat. "Young Mechanic's Bride" video

I'm going to stay out of it. This isn't a political blog. I mean music and politics have been closely tied for hundreds of years but... who am I to... Well, I guess I do have this soap box so... Here are some things that cracked me up about the upcoming Canadian Election. First, and I'm sure you are all aware of this but is amazing. I really do think it's worth spending some time on that site so feel free to take a break from Tasty Ears (for a moment or two). Yesterday Canadian rockers Hollerado posted this "there is an election coming up in canada. we must all exercise our right to vote. i don't care who its for as long as its not harper." Just another reason to love Hollerado guys (who also happen to be playing with one of my favourites, Free Energy, in Toronto tomorrow night). If you're in Toronto, or have a way to get there, I highly recommend that concert (there, now I feel like it's still about music). The Arcade Fire posted this "It is about to be voting time. Our current leader has championed some pretty destructive initiatives on everyone’s behalf… it’s really important to get out and vote on May 2nd." link here. Before I go too far, I'll leave you with this stunning track from another Canadian band C.R. Avery & The Special Interest Group (who have made no comments about who to support in the upcoming election and I am not trying to use this video in anyway but to encourage you to vote) doing Young Mechanic's Bride live for our Tasty Ears in Highlife record store on Commercial Drive. This song should be the soundtrack to this election I hope it encourages you all to vote.

Tasty Assessment: The Gift 'Explode'

Last week The Gift's latest album Explode went #1 in Portugal and is set for release here this summer. For those of you that missed it (buried deep in my back pages) here's my assessment of the album.
Album- The Gift - Explode

Started in 1994, the (now) four piece band, The Gift is to Portugal what The Tragically Hip was to Canada in the '90's, the nation's band. The Gift play big live shows to sell out crowds in their home country but, except for opening for The Flaming Lips tour in 2003, are largely unknown here in North America. Hence the video (see past  blog) for 'Made for You' the first single off Explode, that features Lukas Haas and Isabel Lucas performing the song as if they wrote it, in a brilliantly executed ploy to make the song/band more familiar to us. 'Made for You' is a huge success as a song wether or not you watch the video and it is not alone on the album. Explode opens with the synth driven 'Let It Be by Me'. A repeating lyric starts in unison and slowly bursts apart into an explosion of pieces that sounds a bit like competing stereos playing different songs in a single room. The track 'My Sun', with harp and gang vocals, sounds like it could have come from The Polyphonic Spree, where as 'Race is Long' has elements (driving bass and epic piano) reminiscent of Muse.

The third track off Explode 'RGB' really digs into the "arena rock", super slick production that comes naturally to them (and their producer Ken Nelson (Cold Play)). This sound is familiar and well executed but often goes too far into the super dramatic. 'Suit Full of Colours' and 'Aquatic', would serve a latin drama well. The twelve minute epic 'The Singles' starts off almost MGMT 'esque but then veers off into "prog rock" that ultimately leaves something to be desired.

If the American market is something The Gift are courting then Explode is successful in garnering positive attention. Perhaps they don't want to alienate their fan base but short of committing completely they may be more popular in the "world music" section then on regular rotation on the radio. 'Made For You' is a top notch track and they have clearly been listening to their own advice "This time you're not alone/ Get rid of old ideals/ Do something on your own/ Don't care about the things you are listening to" and we are all richer for it.

Wait For It: Gardens & Villa

Gardens & Villa to release self-titled debut album July 5th on Secretly Canadian. These cats prefer flute and falsetto to any kind of lo-fi. Check out the video for Gardens & Villa's soft rock jam "Orange Blossom" below and slip away to the sweet sounds of California circa the 1970's. Radical sense of style on these kids.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wait For It: Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Little Dragon - Nightlight (Unknown Mortal Orchestra Remix) by WeGetPress
Little Dragon just released the first single off their upcoming Ritual Union (on Fat Possum July 16) titled "Nightlight". Check it out on iTunes. Quickly following this release is the first official remix by Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Watch for their full length album June 21st on Fat Possum. "How Can U Luv Me" (below) from Unknown Mortal Orchestra has got me amped for more groovy good times from this band soon. My beard is tingling.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra "How Can U Luv Me" by WeGetPress
Watch for UMO on tour with some amazing bands this spring/summer including Smith Westerns, Portugal the Man, Yuck, and Telekinesis. No Vancouver dates yet but....

Coming to (North) America: Agnes Obel

03 Brother Sparrow by Piasnetherlands
Danish songwriter/composer Agnes Obel released Philharmonics yesterday. If you watch Grey's Anatomy (we're not friends), check Perez Hilton's website (I know you're better than that) or read Time Magazine (to look smarter), then you might already be familiar with the European star's music. The music is minimal, evoking some of Philip Glass' piano works at times. Obel's quiet delivery is so intimate one can't help but think of Chan Marshall (Cat Power) and, of course, her use of harp is reminiscent of Joanna Newsom. Take a night off from Grey's Anatomy and discover a much less guilty pleasure in Agnes Obel.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Coming to North America: Sophie Hunger

The name Sophie Hunger may not be familiar to most of us in North America...yet. Born in Switzerland before moving to London by way of Zurich and Germany her music is a product of her travels. Very much rooted in folk traditions Sophie has enjoyed Top 5 chart placements throughout Europe and has sold over 400,000 records and played Glastonbury Festival. Sophie Hunger is making her North American debut in April 26 with her self-titled album. She is playing a album release on April 28th in New York but hasn't released tour plans beyond that at this point.

Europe has been making a strong showing in the American folk music tradition as of late. Take Sweden's Kristian Matsson better known as The Tallest Man on Earth for example. Sophie Hunger is another such example, not guitar driven like Matsson, Hunger explores more wandering sonic landscapes. Ranging from piano ballads "Train People" to much more modern sounding tracks like her upcoming single "Your Personal Religion" to the more familiar "1983" has that classic 60's harmonica sound that every folky has a soft spot for. There is no more obvious moment of Hunger's influence then when she gives props to Bob Dylan on Sophie Hunger Blues when she quotes "I'll let you be part of my dream if I can be part of yours" before responding with a quote of her own "I'll let you be part of my dream if I can be part of your reality". Sophie Hunger is about to become part of North America's sonic reality very soon when she wanders our way, guitar in hand.

"More" The Shivers

The Shivers - Used To Be by Silence Breaks
The Shivers are releasing their latest record More on May 10. Above is a taste of what's to come from New York's Keith Zarriello and Jo Schornikow. The album was recorded completely analog in Manchester and "runs the gamut of American rock n' roll." From gritty rock to swaggering soul to slow ballads. Although The Shivers have announced a few tour dates their are no Vancouver dates as of yet.

Update: My Morning Jacket

It has been almost three years since My Morning Jacket released Evil Urges. The band has played many a live show since then, including five shows at Terminal 5 last October which My Morning Jacket has been releasing tracks from over the past five weeks. Today My Morning Jacket has released the title track off of the upcoming Circuital (to be released May 31). Download the track from the bands website. Pre-order is also available now too.

My Morning Jacket will be here on tour June 26th at The Orpheum. Epic is an all too often used term but if you've seen their live show then you know that I am using it properly. Epic, epic, epic!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Mynabirds New Music Video

Mynabirds front woman Laura Burhenn is currently touring as a member of Bright Eyes (playing tonight at the Commodore Ballroom with Titus Andronicus) but that hasn't slowed the Mynabirds down any. Last month Mynabirds opened a string of shows for Bright Eyes and in September they will start recording their second album in Oregon with Richard Swift. It'll be an amazeballs show tonight and you'll quite likely find yourself completely enthralled by both bands but if you can get it together for a sec, give a wink and a nod to Laura!

Shit Robot! Free Track

Shit Robot - Losing My Patience (Hot Chip Remix) by DFA Records

Shit Robot is giving away Hot Chip's remix of the upcoming "Losing My Patience" featuring vocals by Alexis Taylor (of Hot Chip). The new single "Losing my Patience" will be available, bundled with remixes by Unabomber and Hot Chip on April 18. Shit Robot was lucky enough to open for and perform with LCD Soundsystem in New York recently.

Tasty Track previously unreleased from Pure X

Pure X, "Back Where I Began" by The FADER
Pure X (formerly Pure Ecstasy) recorded "Back Where I Began" live off the studio floor with no overdubbing. Don't let the name fool you, these kids are rock and roll all the way. Don't just dig this track on your stereo but go and catch them open for They Will Destroy You at the Media Club May 22.

Goner Records Re-Releasing Jay Reatard's Debut Teenage Hate

Jay Reatard's 1998 album Teenage Hate is getting the deluxe re-issue from Goner Records. May 31st is the release date and the album will include tracks from Fuck Elvis Here's The Reatards which was previously only available on cassette. There will be a limited pressing on clear vinyl as well as the CD with pre-order available directly from Goner Records and in select indie record shops. This posthumous release celebrates all that was Jay Reatard. For a taste of what this album is all about here's a review of the original release of Teenage Hate

“Having seen Jay Reatard on the periphery of the leather-boy rock circuit a couple of years ago, I had gotten the impression that he was an arrogant shit. A real ‘Little Lord Punkleroy,’ he was. It seemed that the short path from aping the Oblivians in his bedroom to actually playing alongside of them had given him an undeserved license for haughtitude. Well, after hearing this release, I now grant him the right to be as shitty to me as he wants to be. He may ignore my ass around the club all night, because this record just spews aching beauty. It is easily the most blistering pizzunk to dribble down the leg of the raspy whore that is the ‘Memphis scene’ in a long while.

The liner notes lack any trace of irony and spill more pubescent bile than a crippled maid cleaning up after one of Roman Polanski’s ‘hot tub ‘n cognac’ parties. It all starts to make sense when you think of the Goner CEO’s fascination with the low-rent vitriol of ‘The Jerry Springer Show.’ But this has truth, whereas “Jerry” has spectacle. The guests on the show- tanning bed lesbians and domestic abuse Olympians- all seem to reflect a bovine uniformity. The Reatards, while nipping from both the Oblivian and Wiper jugs, maintain a unique, strangled articulation. If ‘RUCKENRAOUL’ is remotely near the neighborhood of your daily thought processes, there is absolutely no reason not to rush out and get this -- through three red lights, even.” - Quentin Sebago (a.k.a. Dave Dunlap, from his original review of Teenage Hate in Cimmaron Weekend magazine)

Christopher Paul Stelling New Video

Christopher Paul Stelling just released this on his YouTube Channel  a couple of days ago and not nearly enough people have viewed this yet. The man has mad skills. He has just released a new track "Solar Flares" for a name-your-own-price download over at Bandcamp too. He recently did a Daytrotter Session that is also available for download. He's heading out on a small tour of the American north east next month. I guess we'll have to wait a bit longer around here. He's sort of one part Tallest Man on Earth, one part Ray LaMontagne and the rest some sort of gothic minstrel. Take a moment to listen to CPS and his stories.

Times New Viking "Dancer Equired"

Ever Falling In Love by Times New Viking
 Here is the latest single off the upcoming album Dancer Equired from Times New Viking. With the latest tease from Times New Viking also comes with a tour announcement that brings them to Vancouver's Media Club June 22. The album drops April 26th. No matter what happens to lo-fi Times New Viking will survive. The melodies are too beautiful and the song writing just keeps getting stronger. Dancer Equired is a little cleaner and more accessible while remaining completely true to what long time fans have always enjoyed about Times New Viking. Dancer Equired is sure to garner wildly successful reviews and a shit hot live show.

On the Up and Up: French Horn Rebellion

French Horn Rebellion agree to make your summer more fun
This Moment (French Horn Rebellion remix) by French Horn Rebellion

French Horn Rebellion has a new album "The Infinite Music of French Horn Rebellion" dropping April 19th (digitally) and May 24th (physically). They finished touring Europe with Hercules & Love Affair just in time to make an impression at SXSW. They just played Hong Kong with MGMT and they've just announced that they'll be opening for Yelle on her North American tour dates. Which puts them in Vancouver at the Commodore Ballroom on Friday May 13. French Horn Rebellion are performers and they've been known to get the audience to "dance like your favourite animal." If the live show is half as good as the album (I'm betting it's even better) then they are not to be missed. This album is one hell of a way to kick of the summer. Seriously good stuff.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hear! Unkle feat. Nick Cave

Money And Run (feat. Nick Cave) by UNKLE
This week Unkle released a digital-only five track EP titled Only The Lonely. Unkle collaborated with Nick Cave as you are hearing now on the above track but they also collaborate with Liela Moss, Gavin Clark and Rachel Fannan. Nick Cave is The Man, everything he touches lately just ends up on repeat on my stereo. If you haven't checked out Grinderman yet, do. Nick had this to say about Unkle I always had a huge soft spot for UNKLE - their pop sensibilities, their hooks, big choruses, their super-treated production - so when they sent me some music to sing over I jumped at the chance. The song they sent was great too - something wonderfully dense about it, like T Rex's Metal Guru or something. I wrote a lyric - something desperate sounding to run counterpoint to the joyful racket of the music. It's a fucking hit.” 

Mindkilla by Gang Gang Dance

Gang Gang Dance has revealed a second track off Eye Contact which will be available in stores May 10. Eye Contact will be their fifth full length album. The track is available as a free mp3 download over on their site It's easy to see why Gang Gang Dance was selected to perform at next month's All Tomorrow's Parties curated this year by non other than Animal Collective. If you stare really close at the very middle of your screen for the first minute of this video you can see the future. You may want to crank this up and watch the video full screen for best results.

Julianna Barwick "The Magic Place"

Julianna Barwick's music is built mostly from her own voice multi-tracked through a loop station. For those of you going to the Okkervil River, Titus Andronicus show at the Vogue Theatre June 20th you will get to find out exactly how impressive that is. Barwick has been added to much of the tour making it a "triple threat!" That's right, that means I'll see you there. I'll be the one with the beard holding his iPhone up in the air.

Update: Scattered Trees

Four Days Straight by Scattered Trees Music

Most of you probably remember Scattered Trees from their "depressed hipster stormtrooper" video for Love and Leave. Well the album titled Sympathy dropped this week and can be streamed over a Spinner this week. Scattered Trees are also having a contest where you get to choose their next video. Just head over to Consequence of Sound to choose from one of four film school directed videos.

Owen Pallett "The Great Elsewhere"

Owen Pallett is crazy talented. He is in fact so talented that he has a different way of touring. Instead of playing a series of shows in different places and the usual festival circuit Pallett plays String Theory Festival (in Minneapolis) Reverberations: The Influence of Steve Reich (in the UK) and the MusicNOW festival (in Cincinnati). If you are lucky enough to be at one of theses or in Europe (where he is doing a somewhat more conventional tour) then you will see first hand what I mean. If not... well get a taste of what you're missing with this latest video.