Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gem Club "Twins" (video)

Gem Club, currently based in Massachusetts, have recently released their debut full length Breakers via Hardly Art. The video, which premiered on NPR, is labelled NSFW but if you actually work somewhere where watching this would get you in trouble then you should seriously consider going elsewhere cause this video is art (and I'm not talking the American-Apparel-gratuitously-sexy-border-line-pedophillia-vaguely-guised-as-art kind either). The song is spacious and gorgeous and the mysteriously lit dancers movement is perfect. I'm not one for interpretive dance but... "Twins" is a great new track from a talented group. If you can't watch the video at your oppressive, soul-crushing place of employment then find another way to listen to it. Now get back to work.

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