Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Shimmering Stars with Seapony, Chains of Love, and more Live at The Waldorf

Shimmering Stars
Friday September 16th was looking like one of those days when I should have stayed in bed but, I'll spare you the details and jump straight to the happy ending - enter Vancouver's own Shimmering Stars. For those of you who don't know we at Tasty Ears love these guys. We were stoked to find out they were playing at one of our favourite venues in Vancouver, The Waldorf Hotel, so soon after the release of their debut full length Violent Hearts (released via Hardly Art). The night could easily have been billed as Retro Night between the Tiki Bar upstairs and the sweet sounds from way back down but that wouldn't have been nearly as hip. The night opened with Portland's Have You Seen Julian before local "band to watch" Chains of Love hit the stage. Unfortunately for me I missed these two bands due to the afore mentioned shitty day. I did, however, arrive in time to see Seapony who made the trip up from Seattle for a really great set.

I briefly caught a wave from singer/guitarist Rory McClure (Shimmering Stars) on his way up to take the stage. By this point the place was packed and the Pilsners were flowing. The crowd gathered on the dance floor as Shimmering Stars opened their set. They sounded better than ever and ploughed through several tracks including hits "Dancing to Music I Hate", "I'm Gonna Try" and the anthemic "East Van Girls" before getting into some of their trademark witty banter. They played a great set and just to prove they were as stoked as the crowd McClure capped it off by smashing into the drum kit. You can tell that they've been busy since I was last blown away by them just six months ago. Keep it going boys, you saved my day.

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