Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Public Records - Beta Launch

A new record company is about to launch here in Vancouver called Public Records. Not only do they have a great name but the concept is rather unique as well. We asked Public Records Director of Communications Ashleigh Schafer about their model "The Public Records concept will provide the ultimate platform for independent artists to effectively promote their music and connect with the industry, all within a progressive nonprofit business model. Our aim is to fill the traditional roles of a record label using non-traditional means: production assistance, through artist grants; distribution, through our online network, and promotion, through community-based tours, events, and festivals."

Last year The Root did an article and graph that traces the money trail in a typical major label recording contract and ended up with the above chart. Public Records alternate methods work more like this continues Schafer "Unlike other platforms, all profits generated through advertising revenues through the site are reinvested back into the new music community in the form of artist grants and network enhancements. The reality is that if you’re good enough for a label, you’re good enough to be eligible for our grants.  Leaving the question, why not take control of your music’s future?" Similar to the very successful Kickstarter model (where the general public can pledge funds towards a proposed project) Public Records have grants available to artists but unlike Kickstarter they will not take 5% for themselves but rather reinvest any surplus in future projects. 

For more information on Public Records come to the Beta Launch (including performances by Guilty About Girls and Behind Sapphire) August 11, 2011 at The Waldorf in Vancouver or visit Public Records.org now.

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