Thursday, October 25, 2012

DeVotchKa "Along The Way"

DeVotchKa to release new album 'DeVotchKa Live With The Colorado Symphony' on November 13th via Cicero Recordings Ltd. (pre-order here). DeVotchKa's own Tom Hagerman fleshed out the tracks for the 60 piece orchestra writing every note himself. Listen to "Along The Way" (below) and see the entire  album track listing too.

DeVotchKa Live With the Colorado Symphony 
(Cicero Recordings LTD) 
Nov 13, 2012
1. The Alley
2. The Clockwise Witness
3. Along The Way
4. The Common Good
5. You Love Me
6. All The Sand In All The Sea
7. Firetrucks On The Boardwalk
8. Comrade Z
9. Undone
10. Queen Of The Surface Streets
11. We're Leaving
12. Contrabanda
13. The Enemy Guns
14. How It Ends

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