Thursday, August 9, 2012

Christopher Paul Stelling "Never Been There"

Christopher Paul Steeling shares (free download) "Never Been There" (below) from his critically acclaimed album 'Songs of Praise & Scorn' out now via Mecca Lecca Recording. Here's what Stelling has to say about the track: "When this song and I finally found each other, it was as if finally something had clicked. Over the course of a couple of years, we evolved together. It's a song of longing, regret, redemption, teetering forbearence, self-fulfilled prophesy, dreams and nightmares, and finally, of finding peace with the gnawing persistence of memories. It's one of my absolute favorite songs to perform live, providing me with that cathartic release I crave from performance. Often, I have closed my sets with it, drenched in sweat, all but exhausted, sometimes in front of 5 people, sometimes in front of hundreds.... but this is the song that reminds me of why I love and need to play music." —Christopher Paul Stelling

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